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"Shakila from Touch Fm-We did It!" - shakila, "Lorna from Touch FM- Supporting the bid!" - Lorna Pepler, "Go Cov!" - Lily, "Coventry 2021 - over the moon " - Paul @ Exasoft , "Go cov!" - Alex, "Good Luck to Coventry!" - Sukhraj, "Feeling happy - go Coventry" - Poppies, "Lilly is back in the bid" - HAttie Mogan, "Ole Olsen Backs the Bid! Come on Cov Legends" - Ole, "Coventry is home to all! " - Nicola, "Live in Oxford, but a Cov Lass through and through" - Helen, "Let's do this thang!" - Michael, "Let's show off Coventry!!!" - Linda, "I love Coventry " - Lani Gutteridge, "Coventry is open to all every kind of person" - Mixzzey, "Coventry has peace full life " - Afghan Shir, "C'mon Cov!!" - John, "Sky Blue Army - come on Cov!" - Michael Mogan, "Keeping my fingers crossed! Not long now!" - Tessa, "Good luck Coventry " - June, "Coventry born a true Sky Blue" - Deborah Caldwell, "Coventry is my city of culture for sure!" - Alice, "Coventry 2021!" - Julie Fulea, "Lyra's backing the bid, too. " - Katy Farrell, "Good Luck!" - John, "Here's to the crowning of Coventry!" - mch, "One Coventry, one vision, one great City!" - Alan, "Coventry born and bred...#ThisisCoventry " - Sandra Garlick, "Come on Cov and Big up Exasoft!" - Michael, "Good luck Coventry!" - Maureen